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Business & Sustainability Manager | Academy for Global Citizenship

The Business & Sustainability Manager is tasked with managing the day-to-day financial and operational needs of a public elementary school. To ensure AGC’s unique mission is reflected in our daily operations, the Business & Sustainability Manager works with the administrative and operations staff to source and manage resources sustainably. The ideal candidate is a passionate environmentalist who is highly proficient in QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel.  While this position is collaborative across the AGC community, the Business & Sustainability Manager reports to the Principal. Learn more here.

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Technical Associate | Delta Institute

The Associate applies specialized technical expertise on Delta project implementation and deliverables. The Technical Associate is responsible for: report writing; managing data analysis; conducting research; and completing project-specific tasks. The position reports to the Director of Strategic Priorities and works

Communications & Development Associate | Delta Institute

The Communications & Development Associate provides support on a range of organizational communications and fundraising projects. This position reports to the Director of Communications & Development and works closely with Delta staff to advance business development, fundraising and marketing/communications goals.

Program Support Associate | Elevate Energy

The Program Support Associate assists in supporting Elevate Energy’s customer programs and contributes to ongoing communication, education, and new research activities. A primary responsibility is the support of Elevate Energy’s real-time electricity pricing programs. As part of the operations workgroup,

Retail Store Floor Leader | Patagonia

Patagonia is seeking a Retail Store Floor leader for their Mag Mile store. The Floor Leader position provides leadership for the staff by maintaining the highest level of store standards. In addition to responsibilities as a Sales Associate, the Floor