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Foresight prides its self on having a staff of specialist-generalists, a term for individuals who excel in having a sufficient depth of knowledge in a broad range of fields. As such, they are able to assimilate large amounts of information in order to follow and stay ahead of diverse industry trends. The inherent multi-disciplinary nature of sustainability and system design create a special demand for specialist-generalists.

PeterPeter Nicholson
Peter Nicholson is Executive Director of the Foresight Design Initiative, a nonprofit organization he established in 2002, and Principal of the organization's design practice. Through these positions, he leads a multifaceted career focused on the creative pursuit of greater social, environmental and economic sustainability. Peter consults on and undertakes innovative sustainable design projects for a diversity of clients, including government agencies, institutional nonprofits, and diverse businesses. Considered a highly adept discussion facilitator, he hosts Foresight's monthly Green Drinks panels and is in regular demand as a guest speaker and moderator. Peter is dedicated to the education of the next generation of sustainability-minded leaders and regularly mentors interns as well as teaches the Foresight Immersion program. Prior to establishing the Foresight Design Initiative, he held a variety of positions in the corporate and non-profit sectors. In each, he has consistently pursued growth and innovation. Peter began his study of Sustainability and Design at the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology and holds a bachelors degree from the Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music.
TimTim Jones-Yelvington
Tim Jones-Yelvington possesses a range of research, communications and program development and assessment skills. He worked for five years as program staff at Crossroads Fund, a public foundation supporting grassroots organizations in the Chicago area. His position included managing a portfolio of grantees and helping to coordinate a community-led grantmaking process. He worked closely with the staff and leaders of new and emerging organizations to navigate their organizational growth, and also contributed to Crossroads Fund's own fundraising and communications efforts. While at the foundation, Tim developed a tool to evaluate grantees' impact. This project required synthesizing feedback from diverse stakeholders, including grantee organizations, philanthropic colleagues, board members and evaluation professionals. Through his involvement in the philanthropic sector, Tim has experienced multiple funder-grantee collaborations, acquiring knowledge of best practices. Tim received his undergraduate degree from DePaul University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Youth Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Lindsey Freel
Lindsey Freel has devoted much of her education and career to promoting greater resiliency and community through urban design. She currently contributes to the Biomimicry Chicago Network, a group working to emulate effective strategies from nature to design more efficient systems. While an intern at Foresight Design Initiative, Lindsey participated in an innovative systems thinking project to determine how large- scale fast food companies can decrease packaging waste. Lindsey holds a Bachelors of Architecture from Miami University of Ohio, where her undergraduate residency focused on developing affordable housing in a mixed-use urban area. This project involved researching housing and urban development policies and practices, and generating strategies for stakeholder alignment.

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Foresight's team has undertaken sustainability related projects from large public exhibits, to reconsidering (and understanding) complex systems.

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